For the ultimate in safety, control, and performance - there's nothing like Gabriel's G-Force™ Technology.

G-Force is the culmination of years of testing and product development efforts; exclusively designed to deliver the perfect combination of safety and performance that you’ll only find in Gabriel® Ultra™ shocks and struts. It’s shock absorber technology that other manufacturers simply can’t replicate. We’ve built a well-earned reputation for innovation by continuously reinventing shock absorber design and technology. It’s the only way we can continue to exceed the expectations of our customers and continue to “ride the independent spirit” for another 100 years.

Gabriel G-Force Technology Diagram
  • High-Pressure Nitrogen Gas

    Quicker response with reduced fade

  • StableSteer™ Valving

    Improves tire contact with the road for safety and control

  • D.O.M. Tubing

    Reduces internal wear for longer product life

  • Infinitely Variable Damping

    Superior on-demand control for all road conditions

  • Single-Lip Oil Seal

    OE-designed single-lip oil seal minimizes friction for optimal comfort and performance

  • Super-Finished Chromed Piston Rod

    Provides superior corrosion resistance, performance and product life

  • Leak-Proof Piston Seal

    Self-compensates for wear, extending product life

  • Orifice Control Disk

    Consistent control for comfort and stability

  • Sintered Iron Piston

    Durability and maximum shock performance

  • Heavy-Duty Compression Head

    Reliable performance under extreme conditions