Gabriel strut cushions are used in the vehicle suspension system to protect and shield struts from dirt, grime, grease, moisture and other elements.

A Gabriel strut cushion consists of a convoluted boot or gaiter and a urethane compression bumper. These fit together and slide over the piston rod on the strut’s body.

The BOOT or GAITER protects the strut’s chrome piston rod from damage, keeps dirt out of the seal, pitting from stone chips and corrosion from whatever the road may throw up.

The COMPRESSION BUMPER or BUMP STOP, which fits into the boot, avoids internal damage being caused by preventing metal-to-metal contact under severe compression of the piston rod.

Gabriel emphasises the importance of renewing damaged or missing strut cushions (bump stops).

Damaged or missing strut cushions that are not replaced during strut or cartridge fitments can CAUSE PREMATURE STRUT FAILURE. When this occurs, the Gabriel product warranty will not be honoured.

Gabriel Strut Cushion Cross Sections and Technical Drawings